History of the company

The company Wild changed its profile several times in the past. Company participated on its first larger public contract in year 2009 in Golf park Slapy. In year 2011 public contracts created more than 60% of the turnover of the company. As of year 2013 the company is active also outside Czech Republic, among its first contracts were works on Goldegg manor in Austria.

Strategy and goals

The company Wild is proud of its versatility and flexibility in relation to realized contracts. Company operates not only in all sectors of civil engineering, but also in fields of water management and transportation constructions.

Before and during project implementation, company Wild is committed to meeting the requirements of environmental protection and compliance with technical, quality and safety standards. Involvement in completed contracts does not cease with delivery date, but includes also warranty and after-warranty monitoring and checks.

Each project is approached by staff of the company Wild individually, as well as the management of the company approaches investors, or suppliers. The main objective is to remain a fair, reputable, high quality and reliable partner for both existing and new investors.

Company Wild is increasing its revenues on y/y basis by 100%. Main economic goal is to maintain this trend at least up to year 2020.